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The third full-length album by the Swedish Melodic Hard Rock/Metal band.
Alyson Avenue is the female fronted band formed during the late ’90s, which arguably contributed to the resurgence of melodic Rock/AOR in the new millennium. Alyson Avenue put out two albums, "Presence Of Mind" in 2000 and "Omega" in 2004, both featuring Anette Olzon on lead vocals who shortly after exited the line up to join Finnish Metal stars Nightwish. With the addition of a male vocalist the members of Alyson Avenue re-grouped under the band-name of Second Heat releasing a self-titled debut before disbanding.
2011 finally sees the release of the new studio album "Changes" by Alyson Avenue now fronted by female vocalist Arabella Vitanic. To be accurate, founders Niclas Olson (keyboards) and Thomas Loyska (bass) put this latest line-up together in 2008; having toured and recorded extensively over the past three years so a full-length album was more than anticipated.
From the opening track, it becomes clear that line up is adamant in recreating the original Alyson Avenue sound established in the previous two albums, which also applies to the lead vocals. Arabella’s singing is practically identical in style and sound to Olzon. So upon first play it all sounds like the original line up Alyson Avenue.
"Changes", as a whole, bares the same high quality standards as the previous two albums in terms of songwriting and performance. In terms of production, "Changes" clearly raises the bar for Alyson Avenue as it is by far the best sounding of the three albums after all the material is mixed and co-produced by Chris Laney an authority in Melodic Rock engineering.
Album includes guest appearances by Anette Olzon (Ex-Nightwish, Ex-Alyson Avenue), Michael Bormann (Ex-Jaded Heart, Charade, BISS), Rob Marcello (Danger Danger, Marcello - Vestry), Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk, Bloodbound), Tommy Stråhle and Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Planet Alliance).
Overall, "Changes" signifies a new chapter in Alyson Avenue’s history which is not dissimilar to the artistic direction of their past. "Changes" is a faithful continuation of the sound the band shaped a decade ago; therefore under no circumstances will this album alienate long-term fans of the band.
For fans of female fronted AOR/Melodic Hard Rock, "Changes" is nothing less than essential!!
Avenue Of Allies Music, 2011 (Avenue 11 11 0031). Made in Germany. Pressed in Spain. First press.

1. Liar 4:13 
2. Will I Make Love 4:18 
3. Changes 3:51 
4. Amazing Days 3:57 
5. Don't Know If Love Is Alive 4:37 
6. Fallen 4:08 
7. Into The Fire 4:41 
8. I Will Be Waiting 3:37 
9. I'll Cry For You 3:54 
10. Somewhere 4:16 
11. Always Keep On Loving You 4:10
Total playing time: 45:42

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