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ASCEND-ENCY "Regression" /CD/

  • ASCEND-ENCY "Regression" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Belgian Industrial Death/Black Metal band.
The band relies on a drum computer to lay down the beats for their depiction of the human downfall, but it all adds to the somewhat industrial metal feel they were aiming for. Reinier Schenk of Shumcot Studios helped them out with the mixing and mastering of the album and once more the production manages to capture that specific atmosphere we have come to expect from obscure black metal bands. However no lo-fi production this time, but a clear and somewhat filthy caption of what these lads are capable of. And they are capable of a lot, if you only open your mind for it. For who can see past the demo-ish production, samples and drum programming, there is more to see!
This debut is amongst the best Black Metal in 2011 and the rather dismal production makes it worthwhile!!
For fans of Belphegor, Anaal Nathrakh, Malfeitor, Aborym, etc...
Shiver Records, 2011 (SHR 521)

1. Cold Demons To Translucent Legions 05:38
2. Pray You Fools! Pray! 06:07
3. Flamethrower Salvation 05:25
4. Kinetic 05:09 
5. Regression 05:19
6. Of Kings And Cowards 04:41
7. Parasites In The Garden Of Humand Delight 05:50
Total playing time: 38:09 

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