VISION DIVINE "The 25th Hour" /CD/

The fifth full-length album by the Italian Power/Progressive Metal band.
Vision Divine is one of the best Italian Power/Progressive bands of the moment. The quality of their last albums was already high and the new one comes up to all expectations!
Since the release of “The Perfect Machine” (2005), the line-up of band has undergone some serious changes. Gone are bassist Andrea Torricini and keyboarder Oleg Smirnoff and they have been replaced by Cristiano Bertocchi and Alessio Lucatti respectively. With the addition of drummer Alessandro Bissa, Vision Divine is now a six piece. Did all these changes affect the sound of Vision Divine? Not really, as the main men are still founder-guitarist Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth) and vocalist extraordinaire Michele Luppi.
The last two albums Vision Divine have released, were both concept albums and this brand-new one, which is called “The 25th Hour”, is the third in a row. Remember the man who had the leading role in “Stream Of Consciousness” (2004)? Well, the concept of the new album is based on the diary of that same man and it’s once again a strong piece of work!
With captivating songs, powerful guitars, a stunning voice and an excellent production, all elements are present to make this album stand out from others in the same genre. Without a doubt the band’s best effort to this date!!
Scarlet Records/Mystic Empire/Mazzar Records, 2007 (MYST CD 285). Made in Russia. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played, there are light visual shabby on the disc surface, happened during transit, which will not affect the sound quality.

1. My Angel Died     00:53 
2. The 25th Hour     05:34
3. Out of a Distant Night (Voices)     05:29 
4. Alpha & Omega     05:49
5. Eyes of a Child     04:59 
6. The Daemon You Hide     04:50 
7. Waiting for the Dawn     01:48 
8. Essence of Time     04:43 
9. A Perfect Suicide     05:21 
10. Heaven Calling     03:39 
11. Ascension     02:15
Total playing time: 45:20

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