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Debut full-length album by the British Hardcore/Punk/Sludge/Stoner Rock/Metal band.
This English Heavy Rock'n'Roll quintet whose members have a remarkable pedigree rooted deeply in the 90's British Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock scene formed in 2001 consisting of Doug Dalziel and Dean Berry (both of Iron Monkey), Stuart O'Hara (guitarist of Acrimony), Chris Turner (drummer of Orange Goblin) as well as future Turbonegro singer Anthony Sylvester on the mic too boot!
Their band’s name is borrowed from an unrecorded Iron Monkey song and they are playing loud furious Sludge Rock with Tony delivering his distinctive gruff, hoarse vocals. Their sound is akin to Zeke or Motörhead to whom they also gained support slots for the UK in 2002.
Gauged by their debut album, comprising eighth songs lasting just over sixteen minutes, one could say the Dukes Of Nothing really stand behind their name... this truly qualifying as almost nothing. But the band makes a “whole lotta” something out of that "almost nothing", by taking the speed-addled minimalist Punk Metal of likeminded outfits Speedealer and Zeke and shrinking it even further into compact, one-minute bursts as irresistible as they are brief. These include nasty little zingers like "God vs. the Nudge", "31st Round" and "Don't Stop for Red", all of which equate to a musical sucker punch to the back of the head. The two-minute mark is only finally breached as they enter the album's second half, which includes a blitzkrieged cover of David Allan Coe's surprisingly suitable "Rock & Roll Fever", and eventually reaches a comparatively "epic" finale via the four-minute "White Damage".
For fans of: Orange Goblin, Integrity, Scissorfight, GG Allin, Acrimony and Motörhead!!
Eccentric Man Records, 2002 (ECC003CD). Made in UK. First press.

1. War And Wine 1:22
2. God Vs The Nudge 1:46
3. 31st Round 1:24
4. Miss Fortune 1:54
5. Don't Stop For Red 1:03
6. Riding 1:55
7. 2 Grammes 2:59
8. White Damage 4:07
Total playing time: 16:30

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