TERRAN “The Edge” /CD/

Debut full-length album of Russian Power/Heavy Metal band.
Voice of vocalist is very similar to Valerij Kipelov.
Recommended for fans of old ARIA and KIPELOV.
Metalism Records, 2011 (MR 070-11)

1.Межмирье 01:46
2.По Краю 04:33
3.Изгой 03:21
4.Последняя Надежда 05:22
5.Земной 05:04
6.Звёздные Врата 06:44
7.Сон 04:11
8.Ноль 05:22
9.Судьба Война 03:11
10.Танец На Огне 04:09
11.Дождь 03:13
12.Last Lane 04:33
Total playing time: 51:34

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