TERRA MATER PROJECT “Terra Matter Project” /CD/

Official release of the debut and only full-length album by German Progressive Metal band.
First time on CD never released before album of this Gothic/Heavy/Progressive Metal project.
This is the only album of the band and it was very hard to find before. Now you have a chance to get it ease!
Dreamy and cosmic Progressive Gothic with female lead vocal. Feel it, take it!!
Source Of Deluge Records, 1997/2000 (SOD 104). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Prologue 1:55
2. Hieros Gamos 5:56
3. Satyr's Dance 4:03
4. Utopia's Price 5:18
5. Genius Loci 3:57
6. Anima Mundi 6:01
7. Time Flies - Earth Dies 5:46
8. Terra Mater 5:45
9. Hagia Sophia 5:59
10. Apophis 4:02
11. Osiris Be My Guide 5:48
12. Epilogue - Hymn To Orpheus 2:35
Total playing time: 57:05

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