SPEAKING TO THE DEAF “This Equipment Must Be Hearted” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Italian Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band.
Melody, strength, experimentation. A kaleidoscope of genres that include Melodic Death Metal, Alternative and Modern influences. Spiced up with catchy vocals, which alternate with other much more abrasive and sick.
Fairly fresh if lacking that signature riff, this is a lively debut that has enough intelligence to help it stand out from at least some of the rivals.
SG Records, 2012 (SGCD060). Made in Italy. First press.

1. This Equipment Must Be Hearted 01:43 
2. My Sacrifice 04:58 
3. Hold Your Horizon 05:03 
4. Between the Lines 05:50 
5. A Place for My Memory 03:08 
6. Resolution 05:45 
7. Strain of the Mourning 05:02 
8. Speaking to the Deaf 04:41 
9. The Silence Now Broken 06:06
Total playing time: 42:16

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