RAIN PAINT "Disillusion Of Purity" /CD/

Second full-length album by Dark Gothic Metal band from Finland.
A wonderful monument to their mournful world where rage, energy and pathos find an amazing balance with sadness, atmospheres and melancholia... It's Mournful Metal, a great mix of Katatonia feelings, Rapture darkness and Him charm!
My Kingdom Music, 2006 (echo015-354.6020.2)

1. Year Or Two 4:56
2. Give Back My Heart 4:38
3. Heart Will Stop 6:10
4. Thru The Mire 4:36
5. Disintegration 6:40
6. Purity 4:55
7. Final Peace 4:38
8. Inside Me 4:04
9. Disillusion (Outro)

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