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SORA “Demented Honour” /Slipcase CD/

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    Band: SORA
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Debut full-length solo-album by Canadian Melodic Hard Rock guitarist.
Canadian guitarist Erol Sora has played with former members of Black Sabbath, Foghat, Survivor and Quiet Riot. But he best known as the longtime axeman for ex-Uriah Heep singer John Lawton’s solo band. However, the band was put on hiatus in 2004, and Sora subsequently found the time to put together a solo record of his own. Erol Sora was obviously born in the wrong year because his age looks about 30 while he sounds like that's how many years ago he should've been making music. There is for sure no one out there in this day and age making music of this sound without having been born around 1960.
Erol totally rocks throughout the entire album, kicking it strictly old school. His influences clearly range from Blue Oyster Cult to Led Zeppelin to Bad Company. 
“Demented Honour” is chock-full of hearty, well-written Melodic Rock anthems. Sora himself penned all the songs, played all the guitars, and (gasp!) sung all the vocals. Yes, “Demented Honour” marks Sora’s debut as a lead singer, and boy, does he ever have some decent pipes. He has a very smooth, AOR-ish voice that flows beautifully from melody to melody. As showcased in the John Lawton Band, Sora’s guitar playing isn’t too shabby, either. He plays everything from high-speed Arena Rock to slower blues rhythms on “Demented Honour”, filling out each song with a virtuoso solo.
The production on the album is spot-on. All instruments are audible (and well-played…Sora sought out the top studio musicians in Vancouver for this release) and Sora’s guitar tone is fluid and meaty. Since the majority of the songs on “Demented Honour” are just good ol’ Rock‘n’Roll and not particularly complex, the excellent production certainly helps to the songs sounding professional.
Every song on “Demented Honour” is a winner. It’s incredibly rare for a musician to nail all ten of his songs on a solo album, but Mr. Sora managed it.
His sound pretty much goes through all the classic Rock favorites.
If only Erol had been making music in the 70's or 80's then he would have been selling out arenas. Then they would have slumped in the early 90's and would be doing big reunion tours nowadays.
Recommended for fans of 80s Melodic Rock, Hard Rock or AOR! Really, it’s just a feel-good album!!
Major MTM Music GmbH, 2006 (0681-157 / SPV 64422). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Highway To Nowhere     4:52 
2. Guilty     4:14 
3. Along The Way     5:46 
4. Barstool Corner     5:09 
5. Nyc     4:15 
6. One Way Ticket     4:17 
7. Piece Of Paper     4:47 
8. Broken Dreams     4:25 
9. If You Ever Need Love     4:02 
10. Rain     4:43
Total playing time: 46:30

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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