SHOCK TROOPERS "Blades and Rods" /CD/

Second full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal/Crossover band.
It’s German style Punky and straight Thrash Metal, influenced by bands such as Tankard, Destruction and Assassin. The band handles their craft well enough. The main focus is in energetic performance. At best, it's tight as heck. The vocals are good, heavily reminding of Tom Angelripper or Billy Milano. Musically, band makes bridge with Thrash and Hard Core, as rhythm structures are close to old school Hard Core, while solos and leads belongs to Thrash expression. This is a great stuff that they delivering is fluent, slamming and catchy, with cool chorus parts, hilarious lyrics and riffs that makes your neck dance, and your soul to mosh!
Punishment 18 Records, 2010 (P18R021)

1.Intro(Metal Slug) 01:50
2.Competition 01:51
3.Take your eyes off me 02:21
4.Blades and Rods 02:26
5.Vice 03:01
6.Road Thrash 02:17
7.Toilet Show 02:19
8.Protection Money 02:40
9.Jail World 02:11
10.Waterboating 02:05
11.The Rape 01:48
Total playing time: 24:45

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