SEVEN WITCHES "Passage To The Other Side" /Digipack CD/

Re-release of the fourth full-length album by the American Heavy/Power Metal band.
"Passage To The Other Side" is really more of the same from the band's debut: anthemic Power Metal with screaming guitars, ear-splitting percussion, and robust, operatic vocals. Musically, the band’s sound is dominated by solid hooks and generally fast paced riffs that cover a lot of metal styles. “Dance with the Dead” and “The Last Horizon” have a strong Power Metal feel to them. “Mental Messiah”, “Johnny” and “Fever in the City” are practically Speed Metal. The title track is an epic ballad number. The band also puts on a solid performance throughout with guitars that are often melodic but with a strong crunch, vocals executed in shrieking Halford/Dickinson worship, and plenty of opportunities for the rhythm section to shine.
The disc will ring true for fans of Manowar and Judas Priest - in addition to the small but devoted legion of worldwide fans who reverently follow young upstarts such as Primal Fear - especially given the band's lineup (this is ex- Armored Saint, Anthrax and present Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera and Helstar vocalist James Rivera; also guitarist Jack Frost featured, ex- of Rob Rock, Belladonna, Savatage, Speeed, Metalium... etc).
All in all, it may be the best album that Seven Witches put out and would probably be a good purchase for newer fans!
The album features a cover of Def Leppard's song "Wasted".
For fans of: Manowar, Judas Priest and Nevermore!!
FrostByte, 2003/2011 (FRB-CD-0004). Made in Canada.

1. Dance With The Dead 6:18
2. Mental Messiah 5:00
3. Johnny 3:57
4. Apocalyptic Dreams 3:30
5. Fever In The City 5:16
6. Betrayed 4:06
7. Last Horizon 4:16
8. Nature's Wrath 4:51
9. Wasted 3:42
10. Passage To The Other Side 7:20
Total playing time: 48:23 min.

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