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SALEM “Kaddish” /CD/

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    Band: SALEM
    Country: Israel
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First re-release of the second full-length album (the first official) by the cult Israeli Death/Gothic/Doom Metal band.
Salem are pioneers of the oriental Metal movement and of the Israeli Heavy Metal scene. “Kaddish” is one of the first Israeli Rock albums to engage with recent Jewish history and the Holocaust. Most of the lyrics and music deal with political issues concerning the Jewish people and Israel with band's music being a combination of Doom/Death Metal with Oriental elements and high-pitched screaming-vocals. 
The band was formed in 1985 along with the newly born extreme Metal scene and soon released two demo tapes "Salem" (1986) and first full-length "Destruction Till Death" (1987). After five years of being Underground, the band released another demo, "Millions Slaughtered" (1990), with mostly live tracks. The demo sold 1,500 copies and led to a record deal with the German label Morbid Records. Their first studio records, mini-album "Creating Our Sins" (1992) and first official full-length "Kaddish" (1994), were released by Morbid Records and became the first Metal albums from Israel to gain worldwide success.
Mayhem`s founder Euronymous offered Salem relocation to Norway and joining their cult. Varg Vikernes (Burzum), who disliked the band ideals thought differently, sent to vocalist Zeev Tananboim an explosive envelope by mail...
"Kaddish" is a concept album about the Holocaust. Song "The Fading" was played on MTV's Headbanger's Balls rotation and had the band elected as one of the ten best up-and-coming bands in the world by MTV and Kerrang! Album also featured a cover song in Hebrew called "Ha'ayara Bo'eret" ("the small town is burning"). The song was originally a poem written in Yiddish by Polish-Jewish poet Mordechai Gebirtig in 1938, in response to the 1936's pogrom of Jews in the town of Przytyk near Radom, Poland.
Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal was a special guest at Salems’s May 6, 2011 “Kaddish” re-release concert at Reading 3, Tel Aviv, Israel. Thal says: "Kaddish" is the most true-to-art Doom Metal album I’ve ever heard, completely capturing the horror of mankind’s utmost vulnerability to evil and self-destruction. Being someone who lost family to the Nazis in Poland, this album tore straight to my soul".

Salem vocalist Zeev Tananboim added: "Kaddish" is our desperate cry in memory of the horrors that happened to our families. The Holocaust followed me all my life as a dark shade which is so scary to look at. By doing this album we dared to look at the face of the horror and send two important messages: We will never forget, and we are here to survive".
Without a doubt band's best album!!
Remastered re-edition features altered track listing and modified album cover. CD’s cover art and design was handled by the band’s guitarist, Nir Gutraiman. The effort was remastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound in New York City.
Raven Music/High Fidelity Ltd., 1994/2011 (135HF). Made in Israel.

1. Dying Embers 5:46
2. Eyes To Match A Soul 5:31
3. Kaddish 8:14
4. Above The Ground 4:53
5. Ha'ayara Bo'eret 5:29
6. The Fading 4:31
7. Desert Prayer 1:02
8. The Edge Of The Void 3:15
9. Fear Of The Future 4:04
10. The One That No One Knows 5:00
Total playing time: 47:45


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