REQUISITIO SENSUS AETERNUM "the only one is dead, who..." /DVD-case CD/

A young Dark Ambient / Drone / Dark Neoclassical / Experimental Electronics project from Russia, formed in 2008. Headed by Malum Torpor, Requisitio Sensus Aeternum bears that inherent in its very title, "the eternal search for meaning". When the meaning is lost, the desire to exist is lost. Therefore, the meaning must be sought in every way… the meaning is hidden in the search of meaning.
A5 Production, 2011 (AP006)

1.Eternal Lonely Heathland
2.Time By Ashes...
3.In Desert Of The Faded Hopes
4.Through To Freedom
5.Pain Has Passed,and Only A Grief Has Remained
6.In Passing Having Concerned A Life
7.Confession Before Itself

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