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METALMORPHOSE “Máquina Dos Sentidos” /CD/

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First official release of the debut full-length album by cult Brazilian Heavy Metal band.
Originally self-released by the band in 2012, it's a comeback album of an old Brazilian band.
Metalmorphose was formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1983. In 1985, they debuted on vinyl with the release of the "Ultimatum" - a split album with Dorsal Atlântica. Dorsal Atlântica and Metalmorphose was two pioneers, when it came to Brazilian Heavy Metal. Every Brazilian Metalhead has grown up with tunes such as Metalmorphose track "Cavaleiro Negro" and Dorsal Atlântica's "Império de Satã" from this split album. Dorsal Atlântica went on to pursue a career in the Underground Metal circle and continued to release albums up to 2005. Metalmorphose however took a different route, and they continued to play live, write and record demo material, but nothing more was released, except a vinyl Single "Correntes" in 1986. After that, the band disbanded.
In 2008, a friend of the band were putting together a tribute to The Beatles "White Album", as it was 40 years of that important album's release. Metalmorphose was asked to participate, and suddenly the original line-up was back together, recording a Metal version of The Beatles track "Sexy Sadie". They had a blast and are since then reunited, and the legacy of this band lives on!
Two compilation and one live albums was released between 2009 and 2010. Then, in 2012, came this first full-length studio album by these forefathers of Brazilian Metal! It was about time!! And now is a time for you to listen it!!!
Metal Soldiers Records/Secret Port Records, 2012/2015 (MSR 039 / SPR 0035). Made in Spain.

1. Jamais Desista 3:38
2. Máscara 4:48
3. No Topo Do Mundo 4:56
4. Metrópole 3:46
5. Máquina Dos Sentidos 4:45
6. Rumo Às Estrelas 3:53
7. Passados Incompletos 6:56
8. Pelas Sombras 6:10
9. Livres Para Sonhar 6:58
Total playing time: 45:52 min.


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