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KRAWORATH “Purification Through Pain” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Russian Brutal Death Metal one-man band.
Kraworath from Saratov was not long in coming. Over a short period, this project found its niche among the Russian brutal bands and came up with such monsters like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Dying Fetus in terms of heaviness and speed. 
The music of Kraworath became more intense and rich; lyrics grew even more ultimatistic and presented the anthology of present day serial crimes. Kartashov’s songwriting has certainly gotten stronger; enough so that Kraworath should definitely be mentioned in the same breath as Russian brutal death stalwarts 7.H Target and Abominable Putridity.
The album brings energy of the debut, multiplied by the new performance standards. From the first note, the first riff of the album power and aggression strike listeners fair in the face, deep growling ruptures their untrained eardrums echoing in their cracked heads. Completely written and performed by Roman Kartashov, "Purification Through Pain" bring ten tracks running just shy of the thirty-five minute mark. Everything that made the debut so punishing is here: razor sharp riffing, bass heavy chord progressions and fast paced drumming. Certain elements were honed into a sharper and more damaging sound. The riffing is precise, balancing between chugging progressions and blazing fast trem riffing while the drums annihilate all in their wake.
"Purification Through Pain" is a much stronger album than the debut and, although it’s constantly firing on all cylinders, manages to sport more variety in tempo and songwriting. It’s an impressive album, given that everything is performed by one man!
More Hate Productions, 2015 (MHP 15-138). Made in Russia. First press.

1. They Asked Me to Kill Them 03:10 
2. Purification through Pain 04:01 
3. Compulsion to Suicide 03:23 
4. Manhunt 03:09 
5. Fucking Jihad 03:13 
6. Strangled with Barbed Wire 03:01 
7. Acid Corroded Face 03:32 
8. Locust Swarm 02:26 
9. Inside the Gas Chamber 03:07 
10. Judgment for Pedophile 05:26
Total playing time: 34:28 min.


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