HADES “Live on Location” /CD/

Re-Release of live 1991 album from famous Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal band from New Jersey (U.S.A.) with four bonus-tracks.
Crook'd Records, 1991/2000 (cr0005)

1.The Leaders? 05:07
2.King in Exile 04:26
3.On to Illiad 03:17
4.In the Mean Time 01:23
5.Oppinionate! 04:20
6.Rebel Without a Brain 04:20
7.A 01:26
8.Rape of Persephone 01:47
9.The Cross 05:09
10.Face the Fat Reality 03:41
11.I Too Eye 03:34
12.Aftermath of Betrayal 06:11
13.Nightstalker 06:14
Total playing time: 50:55

Bonus Track:
14.System Addict - His N Hers
15.Non Fiction - Love, Liking, Nothing
16.Hades - Saviorself
17.Dreams Of Venus - Book Of Lies

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