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KINTRAL “Introversions From Insane Sceneries” /CD/

  • KINTRAL “Introversions From Insane Sceneries” /CD/

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    Band: KINTRAL
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Re-release of the second full-length album by the Chilean Progressive Industrial Gothic/Black Metal band.
The sound of Kintral has found an evolution hard to define. They cannot be classified in any specific Metal genre. This twisted and innovative release traverses a variety of extreme sonical darings... just like other quality bands such as RamZet, Arcturus and The Kovenant.
We are facing a revolutionary disc, unique and a must-have to all those Metalheads that crave for innovation in sound.
Enhanced CD includes two bonus tracks as well as two videos!
Concreto Records, 2003/2007 (CDCR21). Made in Mexico.

1. Your Fears Through Me 04:28
2. An Inversion from the Depths 04:11
3. Theatre of Introspection 04:07
4. Inner Requiem 04:49
5. Worship My Essence 05:07
6. Hollow Faces 05:14
7. Your Static Evolution 04:56
8. Disillussions 05:51
9. Speech for No One 04:57
10. Psalm 04:41
11. Damned Blessings 03:03
12. An Inversion from the Depths (spanish) 04:11
13. Disillussions (spanish) 09:19
Total playing time: 64:54

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