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Iain Ashley Hersey “Nomad” /CD/

  • Iain Ashley Hersey “Nomad” /CD/

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The third full-length album by American Blues/Hard Rock guitarist-virtuoso.
Growing up in New England, Iain Ashley Hersey cut his teeth on the heavier British Rock Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bad Company and guitar players like Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Certainly influenced by the voices from the past, he's always strived to grow musically and develop his own style of which he has now most certainly carved out his own unique voice and signature. A real hardworker in order to become a well-respected axeman (student at Musician's Institute in Hollywood plus studied at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston), later he expanded his realm into that of Jazz improvisation, eventually though he returned to the fold of Rock ’n’ Roll.
“Nomad” is Iain Ashley Hersey’s most recent studio album. This time singer Carsten Schulz can be heard on the majority of songs. Former Rainbow singer Doogie White took over the lead vocals on the Rainbow cover song “L.A. Connection”, which also features Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) on bass. 
"Nomad"'s class is unveiled even from the first notes of "Nicotine Dreams" and - throughout the whole CD - time will pass by in full bliss if you're into the likes of Deep Purple, Pat Travers, Led Zeppelin, Glenn Hughes, Ceam and Rainbow. It's kind of a Heavy Blusey Classic Rock with a hint of Fusion overtones. Sounds typical but as soon as you insert "Nomad" in your CD player and push 'play' you'll remember your adoration for the style/sound pioneered in Great Britain three decades ago.
Iain Ashley Hersey has worked so much on the structure of the songs as total pieces that limited are the chances to feel loaded with a 'guitar expertice' display. With the valuable help of Doogie White (Yngwie Malmsteen), Jochen Mayer (Casanova, Demon Drive, Domain), Frank Kraus (Demon Drivve), Paul Logue (Eden's Curse) and Holger Seeger (Midnite Club), the result is a set of songs in a variety of tempos and melodies that will, no question, gain your interest as long as you are an admirer/follower of the 70s British Rock sound (the harmonies of Blue Oyster Cult may come in mind, too).
Iain Ashley Hersey has released a wonderful 70s Hard Rock album. Looking into "Nomad", you'll see the luxurious simplicity of meaningful guitars, lukewarm vocals and ear-catching music in general. Do not pass by if shaking your head to the above saying!!
Iain Ashley Hersey died November 18, 2015. Rest in peace…
Perris Records, 2008 (PER2042). Made in USA. First press.

1. Nicotine Dreams 4:20 
2. Sacrifice The Sun 5:13 
3. Vintage Love 4:15 
4. Flesh, Bone & Blood 5:24 
5. Bloody Waters 4:38 
6. Voodoo Spirits 4:27 
7. More To Life 6:22 
8. When Will My Love Fade 5:58 
9. We' Ve Lost The Rythm 5:52 
10. La Connection 5:08
Total playing time: 51:37


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