MANILLA ROAD “Atlantis Rising” /CD/

The tenth full-length album by the legendary American Epic Heavy/Power Metal band.
The long anticipated album of Wichita's Epic Metal gods! And nothing has really changed. Their original, odd style still is the same in 2001. The production is very rough and oozes with the flair of the eighties, which clearly is intentional.
What we have here now is an Epic Metal-fireworks-display of the highest order as we may witness only all too seldom. Manilla Road are true masters of capturing the listener. Everything is very variable and excels in extensive instrumental passages. The vocals of Mark Shelton still have more charisma as most young singers of today's up-and-coming acts together! In some parts his voice is really harsh and sometimes even reaches Death Metal! Manilla Road has managed to present us with a truly outstanding comeback!
"Atlantis Rising" wasn't just Manilla Road's stellar comeback following a ten-year retirement; it was one of the finest albums of the cult Heavy Metal heroes' long career. Not since mid-'80s triumphs like "Crystal Logic", "Open The Gates" and "The Deluge" had vocalist and guitarist extraordinaire Mark Shelton made his often inimitable brand of fantasy Metal sound as vibrant, fresh, and, of course, epic!
With this godly album in their baggage band hopefully finally get the acceptance they deserve for so many years now! So support this exceptional band and buy the new album! May the gods of light be with you!!
Iron Glory Records, 2001 (IG 1017). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Megalodon     08:20
2. Lemuria     02:50
3. Atlantis Rising     07:01
4. Sea Witch     04:29
5. Resurrection     06:38
6. Decimation     06:38
7. Flight of the Ravens     02:11
8. March of the Gods     05:09
9. Siege of Atland     04:53
10. War of the Gods     08:49
Total playing time: 56:58



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