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HILDR VALKYRIE “Shield Brothers Of Valhalla” /CD/

  • HILDR VALKYRIE “Shield Brothers Of Valhalla” /CD/

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Viking Metal/Neofolk/Ambient from Greece. This is the debut album by Hildr Valkyrie, also involved in the two international folk/viking metal acts Folkearth and Folkodia.
The album ends with Falkenbach and Bathory covers, but for her original music there’s not a whole lot of metal to be found. if you’re a fan of Folkearth, Cruachan, Borknagar and the likes, and want something softer, more melodic and oh-so-symphonic, then this is for you.
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2008 (SCP 043)

1.The Battle Valkyrie (Intro) 03:37
2.All Mighty Gods 06:16
3.Valkyrja's Spoken Words 07:01
4.Father and Son 07:17
5.Thor, the Thunder God 08:13
6.To Wallhall Shall Meet 05:59
7.Shield Brothers of Valhalla 05:16
8.Riding Through the Battle (Outro) 02:50
9.Havamal (Falkenbach cover) 07:25
10.Ring of Gold (Bathory cover) 05:35
Total playing time: 59:29

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