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GOVERLA “Hurtovyna / Snowstorm” /CD/

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    Band: GOVERLA
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The debut full-length album by the Ukrainian Pagan/Folk Metal band.
"Hurtovyna" presents itself as a competent and enjoyable Slavic Folk Metal entity, professional production and playing intact.
First track (folksy, neo-classical intro "Ceremony" notwithstanding) "Hymn to Strybog" is seemingly assembled from pre-manufactured parts like a model construction. The usual, heroic and clean-sung, East Slavic folk harmonies are backed by easily approachable riff set, sympho-keyboard lining and generously fumigated with gleeful pipe melodies. Fans of Arkona (Rus) will be all over this. "Snowstorm" employs a distinctly Ukrainian and, by extension, Transcarpathian Folk fusion via vocal harmonies and pipe melodies, with straightforward (including small traces of Black/Thrash) riffing that can easily be found in many a Pagan band, no matter the country of origin, yet the ornamental folksiest make it worthwhile. "In Memory of Quorthon" obviously had to live up to its title, so this track, the longest on the whole record, is the band's allusion to Nordic Black Metal with a bit of Epic pretension. They are clearly more comfortable with their exuberant Folk fusions, which is exactly what they go back to immediately on "In the Premonition of Inevitable Events" and "Justice", where choruses soar, riffs gallop, keyboards throw open their embellishing quills and the pipes hover above like a fresh flock of swallows. Then, cue in to the adorable ballad "Way to Another World" and make sure to put your sensitive side on display, for this could very well be the only window of opportunity, because afterwards, another smarmy, Neo-Classical outro "Funeral Feast" will courteously escort you out, back to your urban landscape.
For fans of early Nokturnal Mortum!
Wroth Emitter Productions, 2010 (W.E. 027). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Обряд 03:15
2. Гімн Стрибогу 04:37
3. Хуртовина 04:59
4. Пам'яті Квортона 07:21
5. У передчутті неминучих подій 05:02
6. Правосуддя 04:35
7. Шлях в потойбіччя 06:45
8. Тризна 04:18
Total playing time: 40:52


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