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GOREFIELD “As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Australian Thrash Metal band.
Unlike their local supreme Rock gods AC/DC, is a manifestation of old school Speed Metal, one of the truest forms of Metal music, you probably remember this orientation like the early version of Metallica, “Kill ‘Em All” era mainly,  old Anthrax, Exodus and some others.
This album is a killer Metal record; it brought back directly to 1983 with the first burst of old US Metal. The opening track, “Embrace”, opens with a classic acoustic part that can be found in many earlier platters of Thrash and Speed Metal tracks. Obviously, it roughly altered to a full assault of speed attack. Rapidly, this song immediately defined the album and the course of the band’s music in overall. Even with the final clincher, “As Dawn Bleeds The Sky”, which appeared to be at first as the album’s balladry moment, the entire release is a selection of Speed Metal prowess. “As Dawn Bleeds The Sky...” is a picture of raw mastery.
The music contained within  does not disappoint and really delivers one of hell of an energetic riff filled ride from beginning to end the riff-fest never lets up. The music reminds of all the classic proto-Thrash bands which emerged at the height of the NWOBHM with classic albums like Jaguar's "Power Games" and Savage's "Loose 'N' Lethal". The whole album is like a modern take on all the classic Metal produced in the 80's. The vocals are great and are not your typical Thrash vocals but fit more comfortably in the NWOBHM school of vocalists which adds so much to the album and songs. Take for example "Love thy enemy" which has such a classic feel and chorus that it feels like this song has already been the anthem to your life for the past 20 years. The album is a breath of fresh air with every riff packed full of youthful energy and enthusiasm.
The artwork which has just caused a blood clot to your brain due to the excessive shouting and throwing of the horns was done by none other than Andrei Bouzikov who has also done artwork for Toxic Holocaust, Violator and Skeletonwitch to name a few.
Without a doubt, this album is sure to get the band signed soon. Fresh, lively, funky, magical, fantastic, flexible, thrashing and heavy are some of the best choice words to sum up the content. A must hear for Thrash, Heavy and Power Metal lovers, as this album combines all three wonderfully! This album is a must hear vital and essential album for any self respecting Metal head!!
Selfreleased, 2013 (GORE-001). Made in Australia. Pressed in Taiwan. First press.

1. Embers     4:24 
2. Love Thy Enemy     4:20
3. Those Who Say Never     3:48
4. Apathy     4:01
5. Playing With Fire     5:15
6. End Of The Night     4:05
7. As Dawn Bleeds The Sky...     5:02
Total playing time: 30:55

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