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HOLY DEATH "The Knight, Death And The Devil" /CD/

  • HOLY DEATH "The Knight, Death And The Devil" /CD/

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One of the best Polish Black Metal albums!
"The Knight, Death And The Devil" had everything you would like to find on the real Black Metal release: ancient atmosphere, great skills of the musicians (album was recorded with Goolary, axeman of the legendary Polish thrash metal band Hellias) and fantastic epic compositions.
Influences from legendary acts like Bathory, Exorcist or Hellhammer are abvious over here, but of course "The Knight, Death And The Devil" has its own spirit.
Fallen Angel/Luciforus Art, 2005 (Fallen Angel 008)

1.Whispers of the Soul 04:03
2.Thunder of Revenge 03:57
3.The Battlefield Act I and II 06:33
4.Riding the Hellstorms 03:04
5.Holy Death 03:53
6.Fallen Angel 05:19
7.Power From Hell (Glory of Lucifer) 04:38
8.Standing Under the Cross 04:36
9.Lucyfer 03:03
10.Call From the Grave (Bathory cover) 04:54
11.Beat of Flame (Hellias cover) 02:11
12.Princess of the Dawn (Accept cover) 06:12

+bonus multimedia "Devil's Art Gallery 2005"

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