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FIRELORD “Hammer Of Chaos” /MCD/

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    Band: FIRELORD
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The second EP by Italian Stoner/Doom Metal band.
Fusing Stoner-esque hues in rousing Metal and Heavy Rock aggression, the five track inferno of Rock ‘n‘ Roll is one of those propositions which energize body and emotions with ease. Like the most popular groups that inspired the band from the eighties and earlier, "Hammer Of Chaos" has a very analog presentation that works well with the Hard Rock infused mixture of Doom and Stoner Metal.
The bass guitar lends a decent pulse that can sometimes be a bit thin compared to the mid-range distortions of the guitar. The rougher vocals are a bit muffled though, as if carrying a forced effect from the studio to play up that rawer trait. The drums, however, sound fantastic overall, right down to being a bit louder in the mix which accentuates the echo they carry. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the way the EP sounds. In fact it easily captures the spirit of the seventies and eighties in a way similar to transferring a record or cassette to a modern, hi-fi medium.
"Hammer Of Chaos" is a pretty good EP that takes a lot from various Doom and Stoner walks of life with a palatable Hard Rock or Punk Rock overtone in each track offered. Firelord continue to grow and mature with each new release, and this new EP is another example of the steps the band has taken since their full-length effort dropped in 2013. If you enjoy bands like Earthride, Gates Of Slumber, The Sword, or any others mentioned above, Firelord‘s latest is worth checking out!!
Sliptrick Records, 2015 (SLP.015.0122). Made in Latvia. First press.

1. A Good Way to Die 5:02
2. Dancing on Your Grave 4:30
3. Devil's Wonderland 4:32
4. Hammer of Chaos 8:57
5. Pilot of the Dune (SloBurn Cover) 5:08
Total playing time: 28:11 min.


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