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EXOCOSM “Spiral Of Decay” /CD/

  • EXOCOSM “Spiral Of Decay” /CD/

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    Band: EXOCOSM
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Debut full-length album by the Finnish Progressive Thrash Metal band.
It was selfreleased by band in 2012 on CD’r, but now re-released by Russian label on CD.
Finland's Exocosm are a band that unquestionably and deliberately falls into the Progressive Tech-Thrash crowd, proudly wearing their influences on their sleeve like the badges of honor that they are. Technical Thrash Metal has been somewhat nonexistent during the Thrash Metal resurgence of the past fifteen years with the only new bands of note being Mutant and Vektor, alongside a few Voivod releases and the reformation of Toxik and Coroner being the only real presence.
Straight off the bat, "Spiral Of Decay" is a monstrously impressive piece of work. Those jazzy mid sections, clean sections and tempo changes are incredibly immersive which isn't something that albums are usually capable of doing... it's all just so goddamn good for a first album!
Exocosm's "Spiral Of Decay" is sat comfortably next to Gama Bomb's "The Terror Tapes" as the biggest yet most welcome surprise release of the year. For a band to put out a debut release of this quality is utterly staggering, and Exocosm have slapped the stale Thrash Metal scene in the chops with their gigantic collective dongs in doing so.
If you thought Vektor was the only decent Progressive Thrash Metal band of the new Thrash era, you haven't heard Finland's Exocosm yet. Absolutely killer!
Buy "Spiral Of Decay" as soon as you can, it's incredible!!
For fans of Voivod and Vektor!!!
HTH Productions, 2013 (HTH002-13). Made in Russia. First press on CD.

1. Sphere     04:45 
2. Last World     03:05 
3. Surreality     04:31 
4. Sculpture of Flesh     04:41 
5. Spiritual Killing     07:31 
6. Trapped in Infinity     05:25 
7. Cosmic Horizon     04:20 
8. Out of Place     08:04
9. Spiral of Decay     07:20 
10. Sunset Vista     08:38
Total playing time: 58:20


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