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EVENT HORIZON “Naked On The Black Floor” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Italian Progressive Power Metal band.
Event Horizon's first official release is not one-dimensional. Band came to life in 1996, releasing their independent debut "Year: Zero" about six years later. Event Horizon's music on "Naked On The Black Floor" could be described as a mix of Evergrey's haunting and brutal guitar riffs, angry vocals which occasionally tend to overstep the limits of its range, and dark synth textures that recall another underrated Italian band, Lifend.
Gianluca Girardi is a very ambitious singer, opting for cool melodic lines on "Again", a song whose keyboard intro is almost identical to the Turkish Pop-Rock band Mor ve Otesi's radio hit "Bir Derdim Var". The churning guitar chords on it seem like they were inspired by Evergrey's non-Prog side; while "Bited" is more in the conventional Power Metal mould with great drumming.
The best songs on the album are the Prog-tinged "The Road to Myself", bringing forth bass player Mauro Boggioni's finger-picked solo and an overdubbed twin guitar harmony. Lots of changing tempos and odd-timed meters are woven into the mix, as swells of key melodies circulate in the background. "Fragments of Insanity" follows in a similar fashion, with emphasized synths and a powerful rhythmic syncopation on top of it. Perhaps the most complex number on the album, this track displays Event Horizon's perfect blend of Prog-infused melodic Metal with a deeply atmospheric undertone. Strangely, it's the songs with great bass grooves. The slap bass solo on the song is actually one of the finest parts on the album. This song isn't as heavy as the previous cut, but has several sections where mathematical guitars and electronic synth effects duel creatively. "Zero" is very abstract because of its programmed drum beats in the intro; while last track "The Wall" is the most experimental and synth-driven work, with Chroma Key type of keyboard orchestrations and dark yet clean vocals.
Bottom line, this is a good album!
Enhanced CD features video clip.
Cruz Del Sur Music, 2006 (cruz19). Made in Italy. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Everything That Begins... Must End 1:23 
2. Deconstructed 4:34 
3. Bited 4:05 
4. Again 5:51 
5. The Road To Myself 6:17 
6. Fragments Of Insanity 5:26 
7. Zero 4:24 
8. The Flying Feather 4:18 
9. The Wall 6:50
Total playing time: 43:10 min.

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