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DA VINCI "Back In Business" /CD/

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    Band: DA VINCI
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Used: like new.

Japanese edition of the second full-length album by the Norwegian Melodic Hard Rock band.
Do you remember back in the day when band Europe ruled the airwaves? If so, you might also remember other scandinavian acts like Dalton, Treat, Skagarack and Fate? Predominantly hailing from Sweden and Denmark, these ultra melodic bands with their giga hair-do’s became pretty popular with their listener-friendly approach to and interpretation of traditional AOR-formulas. But amongst all these Swedish/Danish bands, there was a hidden force waiting to be unleashed…. That force was also known as Da Vinci! 
Hailing from Norway they fit into the geographical area of Scandinavian music and their sound was, arguably, the very essence of the subgenre. Their first album, titled "Da Vinci", was a so and so affair, showcasing a rather brilliant potential which was, sadly, overshadowed by Europe and Treat in particular. Bands that had taken charge of creating hit songs of the Scandi AOR sound. Da Vinci disappeared in the vast amounts of cliché bands even before they had a chance to show what they were capable of. Their great capacities were not put to life before the band released this, their second release called ”Back in Business”. Unfortunately too late to capture the high chart positions… They could really have paved the way for a lot of acts, had they only been around a couple a years before with this album. In other words, this album is a classic of the genre! 
Superb production, driving guitars, keyboards grandiosos and those naive, but very catchy melody lines. 
It should be a mandatory part of your collection!!
Japan edition features different cover artwork.
Polygram Records A/S Norway/Zero Corporation, 1989 (XRCN-1049). Used: like new.

1. Touchdown 4:17
2. Call Me A Liar 5:00
3. Young Hearts 3:40
4. 9 And 10 3:12
5. Turn Down The Lights 5:03
6. Millions Like Us 3:33
7. Pink Champagne 3:19
8. Circus Maximus 4:34
9. Hold Back The Tears 5:09
10. Last Time 4:43
11. Blame It On The Radio 4:13
Total playing time: 46:43


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