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CURARE "Radical Accion" /CD/

  • CURARE "Radical Accion" /CD/

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    Band: CURARE
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 Re-release of the second full-length album by Folk Metal band from Ecuador.
A rich mixture between Metal and Andean sounds, fusion between Afro and Andean sounds with rock is further explored. The CD contains 9 band compositions and 2 versions of traditional Ecuadorian tunes.
 CURARE’s music can be defined as Longo-Metal, an Ecuadorian, Latin-American reinterpretation of various currents of Hard Rock. Mestizo music, or musical mestization, combines the extreme sounds of Andean and Afro rhythms (Andean flutes, zampo?as, rondador) with distorted guitars and hard core rhythms. The resulting sound is a celebration of young Andean rock.
American Line Records, 2009 (LA-109)

1.Yanam?anca Tutam?anca
2.Albazo Kapishk
4.Creo en Mis Huacas
5.11 de Marzo
7.?ucanchi Llacta Rebeli?n
9.San Juan Hop
11.Mam? Ilal? 

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