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The second full-length album by Portuguese Brutal Death Metal band.
After 8 years of silence Portugal’s Brutal Death Metal Monsters are back with a brand new full length album! More Brutal than 2006’s “Ways To End”, it's totally crushing album and sure to be an instant classic!!
Sharp riffs, fat and tight bass following their lead, growling vocals and relentless drumming with various embellishments. The whole thing reeks of reference bands as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vader and all those beasts from back in the day. Of course their influences are imprinted really well in their music and no one will get bothered by a track reminding Cannibal Corpse or another reminding of Deicide. On the contrary. They are filtered so well to make em their own, forming their own style in the genre. All gets tied up together in a great packaging.
A really nice effort and a CD that can be listened without sweat over and over again. And that is a quality itself in music!!!
Vomit Your Shirt/Sevared Records, 2014 (VYS-011 | SR-290). Made in Portugal. Pressed in Spain. First press.

1. Reckoning 01:22 
2. Dark Passenger 02:57 
3. Persuasive Demons 03:20 
4. Deprivation 03:40 
5. Refinement Of Evil 03:43 
6. Blood Cult 03:03 
7. Inglorious Killing 02:48 
8. Killing Spree 03:01 
9. Remains To Be Seen 04:59
Total playing time: 28:53


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