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BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “For The Love Of Thugs & Fools” /CD/

  • BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “For The Love Of Thugs & Fools” /CD/

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The seventh full-length album by American Heavy Metal band.
Veterans of Chicago’s Rock n’ Roll, Bible Of The Devil had released their seventh full-length and third for Rome based label Cruz Del Sur Music.
Entitled “For The Love Of Thugs And Fools”, Bible Of The Devil’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to their 2008 release,"Freedom Metal”, is an assembly of raging Rock n’ Roll songs that encapsulate the band’s saga musically and personally over the years since the last full-length.
Returning to Phantom Manor studios in Chicago, the band sought to emphasize their trademark bludgeoning two-guitar attack and mammoth hooks with an increased attention to soaring, anthemic vocals.
These guys embody the spirit of early Hard Rock/Proto Metal, specifically Thin Lizzy with a pinch of early NWOBHM. They can shred dual-guitar harmonies and sing about Rock n’ Roll without a shred of irony, though they’re obviously having fun doing it. “For The Love Of Thugs And Fools” is viewed by the band as a document of the many characters they have encountered through the life of the band, whether it be in love, loss, friendship, or hatred. Guitar harmonies casually weave in and out of songs, and gigantic choruses are delivered like a karaoke night that got way out of hand.
This album could’ve been released in 1979 and no one would f*****g blink, except maybe a few tracks that could’ve come out in 1983. You will be singing these songs in your car while fist-pounding the steering wheel. You will find yourself air-guitaring them at inappropriate moments in your life, such as your aunt’s funeral. You will have the chorus to “I Know What Is Right (In The Night)” stuck in your head when you go to take a leak. These songs are packed with enough catchy hooks and riffs to overcome the weak production and questionable singing, so if you enjoy old-school Rock music of high quality, this band and this album might be the thing for you!
Cruz Del Sur Music, 2012 (CRUZ054). Made in Italy. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Sexual Overture / While You Were Away     6:24 
2. Out For Blood     5:41 
3. Raw & Order     4:52 
4. The Parcher     5:44 
5. I Know What Is Right (In The Night)     5:09 
6. Anytime     4:33 
7. Can’T Turn Off The Sun     5:28 
8. Yer Boy     4:38 
9. Night Street     5:20
Total playing time: 47:49


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