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BELINDA CARLISLE “Wilder Shores” /Ltd. LP + 7” Single/

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The eighth full-length studio album by legendary American Pop vocalist.
The first studio album in ten years, since the release of "Voila" (2007), a collection of Chansons performed by Carlisle in French. Unlike her previous releases, which have largely been characterized as Pop music, it consists of a series of Sikh chants performed by Carlisle in Gurmukhi and is inspired by her practice of Kundalini yoga.
In the first decade of her post-Go-Go's solo career, Belinda Carlisle delivered six albums as a mainstream Pop artist, notching hits with songs like "Mad About You" and "Heaven Is a Place on Earth". Following 1996's "A Woman and a Man", Carlisle largely abandoned her solo pursuits, participating in a handful of Go-Go's reunions and battling a drug addiction that lasted until 2005. Newfound sobriety and the influence of living in France yielded 2007's "Voila", an unexpectedly high-quality collection of French Pop songs and classic Chansons, which she sang entirely in French.
With another decade in the books, the California native returns with yet another personal passion project in 2017's "Wilder Shores". Like "Voila", "Wilder Shores" eschews any attempt at mainstream Pop, nor does it offer more than a handful of English-language tracks. A long-time devotee of the practice of Kundalini Yoga, Carlisle and her producer/collaborator Gabe Lopez have set to music a collection of Buddhist chants and mantras, the bulk of which are sung in the ancient Gurmukhi language. Though Pop-oriented in structure, the mostly acoustic arrangements are adorned with Eastern instrumentation like tabla, harmonium, and sitar, and Carlisle's increasingly smoky voice handles the tricky chants surprisingly well. Although it suffers somewhat from the inherent blandness that often comes with this type of New Age Fusion, the album's tone is generally uplifting and the acoustic piano rendition of "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" that closes out the collection slots in well with the overall vibe and intention.
Carlisle commented on her inspiration behind making the album, specifically her practising of Kundalini yoga: "I have been practising Kundalini Yoga for over twenty-five years and in the last twelve years I have built up a serious practice routine and begun studying the mantras that are used in classes much more closely. I’ve always wanted to do an album like this, but I never felt I was ready until early in 2015. It’s not just music on this album, it’s a science that requires an element in the voice called the Naad. Naad is almost a transference of energy through the voice, and it wasn’t easy for me to learn. That being said, I am a Pop singer, so I could never be a traditional chant or Kirtan artist as it would not be true to who I am. "Wilder Shores" is therefore still a Pop album with the same structure of verse, bridge and chorus as my previous records, but it is done with repetitive chanting". 
Wilder Shores is a genre-busting album of eastern and western influences, fusing the worlds of energizing Pop music and elevating Kundalini mantras. The powerhouse voice of Pop superstar Belinda Carlisle soars over these chant tracks with precision and grace. "Wilder Shores" is deeply authentic to the genre of Kirtan, but deftly translated into an ultra-current sound that makes these mantras sound like chart-toppers. The power of the mantras themselves to bring peace, balance and strength to the heart is supported by powerful English tracks, including a new acoustic version of Carlisle's international hit "Heaven is a Place on Earth" that fans will not want to miss. "Wilder Shores" is filled with music equally at home, in yoga studios and rock stadiums, leading the wave of spirituality in the music mainstream! indulgence, give Carlisle credit for once again challenging herself as a singer and artist!
Exclusive release for Records Store Day 2018, 180g Blue 12” LP + “Why / Superstar” 7” Single with two new tracks recorded in 2017.
Demon Records, 2018 (DEMREC 244 | BELCAR 1). Made in UK. First press.


Side A
1. Adi Shakti 7:17
2. Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad 6:29
3. Light Of My Soul 4:27
4. Rakhe Rakhan Har 4:48
Side B
5. Har Gobinday 5:55
6. Humee Hum Brahm Hum 4:42
7. Aad Guray Nameh 5:02
8. Long Time Sun 2:27
9. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (2017 Acoustic Version) 4:00

Side A
1. Why 4:13
Side B
2. Superstar 3:57

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