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Re-release of the debut full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
These Italians sure know their Bay Area Thrash! Ancient Dome has been working the scene since 2000, and released 3 demos prior to being signed by Punishment 18 Records. This recording experience is noticed in the overall sound of the band’s debut album.
The production is a little classic Thrash sounding. The bass is quiet and overall the mix feels very open, and overall very decent given the production of many other Thrash albums. Luckily Ancient Dome knows how to keep you interested, to listening to the album over and over. Looking forward to a couple particular tracks such as "Fall Of The Dominion" and the ultimate Testament homage, "Total Command". 
For every hardcore Thrash fans who like classic Thrash Metal!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2009/2012 (P18R 015). Made in Italy.

1. Ancient Dome 3:34
2. State Of Regression 5:55
3. The Human Key Saga - I. The Defeat 0:27
4. II. Tyrants 4:37
5. III. Human Key 5:38
6. IV. Aenos 2:46
7. V. Fall Of The Dominion 4:12
8. Cold September 4:52
9. Lost Creature 4:20
10. Architect Of Dreams 3:47
11. Total Command 3:29
Bonus Tracks:
12. My Own War 3:22
Total playing time: 46:59


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