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  • YELLOWTOOTH "Disgust" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by American Sludge/Doom Metal band.
10 tracks of excellent Sludge/Doom Metal from Michigan City, Indiana. Fuzzed out, Sludged up, pumped full of Death, and Stoned out of its goddamned mind, Disgust is the product of a veteran trio of 40-somethings that have done time in Chronic Disorder, Sea Of Tranquillity, Shades Of Grey, Skullview, Nocturnal Torment, and Invasion.
The album has a distinctly ’90s-style Death Metal production — the guitar of Hank McGinnis is crunchy more than fuzz-laden as one might expect, and his vocals are barked out like earliest Morbid Angel or maybe even Max Cavalera when Sepultura were a Death Metal band. Yellowtooth‘s rhythm section of bassist/backing vocalist Peter Clemens and drummer Ed Kribs strike an excellent balance between proffering extreme abrasion and highlighting riff-led nod-fodder.
The band has certainly has unleashed an album which is openly inspiring and a certainty to capture vast amount of imaginations for all things Yellowtooth.
Orchestrated Misery Recordings/Cursed Productions, 2012 (misery003). Made in USA.

1. Wizard Dust 05:41
2. Soulstalker 04:16
3. John Wilkes Booth 04:52
4. 75 Black Pontiac 04:44
5. Burning Daylight 05:30
6. Prophetic Ramblings 04:26
7. On the Trail of Lewis Medlock 05:11
8. Traitor 03:50
9. Decaying from Within 04:39
10. 11th Hour 04:09
Total playing time: 47:18


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