The fourth full-length album by German Thrash/Death Metal band.
With this album, band finalize their end time-trilogy that was started with "Marauders" and continued with "Parasites". The end of the world has come, and Lost World Ордер are the prophets of ruin in a disturbing dystopia.
The band was founded in 2008, gained a wide fan base with the free download of "Marauders" and even raised it with "Parasites" with the CD-version released via GoodDamn Records. 
"Tyrants" is characterized by aggressive riffs, which are situated somewhere between classic Bay Area and German Ruhr area, the impulsive drumming and the pumping basslines. Twin guitar leads with NWOBHM-vibes and catchy chorus lines create modern walls of sound. The vocals set priorities from Thrash-shouting over growls to dark clear singing.
The production of the album is transparent and brutal yet absolutely natural. The band recorded the basics to the album live at the Soundlodge-studio, which is underlined by the energetic performance. Jörg Uken perfectly caught the essence of the band and created a modern, non-artificial sound.
The anthemic quality of the hooks and chorus of many of their songs adds to their calibre not only as Thrash Metallers, but also heavy Metallers. They’ve taken advantage of Germany’s rich Metal roots and taken their work to the next level – wowing fans new and old. Strangely, some of their songs also have a Mercyful Fate quality to them, with the storyline within each other instead of the whole album, which again is innovative and special. The elusive thing stalking in the album is somewhat aspiration for experiments, which adds something modern in the sound. The moderated melodies and the non-traditional rhythms make the songs individual.
“Tyrants” is the consequent development of the band’s sound and won’t disappoint anybody who is willing to take a look beyond his own nose!
Ragnarök Records, 2016 (RAG 004). Made in Germany. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. Vorwärts! 1:12
2. Combat Zone 4:51
3. Freakshow 4:41
4. Tyrant 6:38
5. Mutual Hypocrisy 6:14
6. A Hell Worth Living In 3:52
7. Wall Of Glass 8:02
8. Warmonger 5:42
9. End All Life 6:44
Total playing time: 47:54 min.

Samples: https://lostworldorder.bandcamp.com

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