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WRECK OF THE HESPERUS “Light Rotting Out” /A5 Digisleeve CD/

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  • WRECK OF THE HESPERUS “Light Rotting Out” /A5 Digisleeve CD/
  • WRECK OF THE HESPERUS “Light Rotting Out” /A5 Digisleeve CD/

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Second full-length album by the Irish Sludge/Funeral Doom Metal band.
Wreck Of The Hesperus, five years after their devastating debut work, "The Sunken Threshold", present their second attempt. 
The first highlight that comes to the surface while listening to the album is its production, it' s cleaner this time, something that helps the instruments unfold everything they want to present in the most appropriate way, alone and in unity at the same time. And then all hell breaks loose with the slowly expanding riffing as it blends with floating minimal anti-melodies while the echoing percussion embraces the intense drumming and the colossal bass lines. They have an Industrial, Ambient edge but there is also hints of free-form Jazz and even cinematic soundtrack music but mostly this is raw, filthy Funeral Sludge that is ugly, angry and monotonous but it still keeps attention despite is repetitive bleakness.
They still sound like a very pissed-off Thergothon or a Doomed-out Burzum or Darkthrone but this album unleashes a complex array of emotions through Blackened Ambiance and raw, Sludgy Doom that is thicker than molasses syrup.
What makes Wreck Of The Hesperus a unique band in the Doom scene it is what they don't do and don't play that makes them great. Their silences, pauses, starts and stops really makes this album the engaging, tormented experience that it is. The music keeps you guessing and keeps you on the edge of insanity for all of its 40 minutes.
This album comes in an interesting package; it is presented in A5-cardboard sleeve containing four beautiful graphic art cards that represent each track on the album.
Aesthetic Death Records, 2011 (ADCD 018). Made in Ireland. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Kill Monument     8:46 
2. Cess Pit People     10:31 
3. The Holy Rheum I) Night Of Negative Stars II) Hologram Law     21:14
Total playing time: 40:31

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