WITHOUT GOD “Circus Of Freaks” /CD/

The second full-length album by Russian Stoner/Doom Metal band.
New wave of Stoner Rock/Metal. The new album from Without God is just as impressive as the others. Hypnotizing, strolling guitars, clean and somewhat yelling vocals, melancholic rhythm, smelling like weed… “Circus Of Freaks” is slower than typical album of this genre. Slow and heavy riffs. But this doesn't change much, really – the second album by these Russians’ is just a cliché of a genre. Psychotropic influence is obligatory when listening to such music live!)
Solitude Productions, 2014 (SP. 093-14 CD). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Circus Of Freaks 6:12
2. Where The Sun Doesn't Shine 7:02
3. Mushroom Man 4:53
4. Flood 7:05
5. Seven Sins 5:18
6. Everything Decays 7:29
7. Fear 3:41
8. Helter Skelter 8:08
9. Good Evil 6:26
Total playing time: 56:14

Samples: https://withoutgod.bandcamp.com

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