VADER “Litany” /CD/

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The fourth full-length ablum by the legendary Polish Death Metal band.
An inscrutable furtherance of the Slayers' notoriety - Vader depicts a more artistic and fulfilling impression of Slayer, an impressive accomplishment on its own. On this composition, "Litany", the music is accompanied with less technical proficiency, but with an elevated understanding of the extremities involved in making this music a revelation to Death Metal and all radical dogmas in general. This album is a creation of less finesse than "Black To The Blind" but of reasonable mellifluousness which makes it a romantic experience.
Unlike other prominent projects such as Cynic, Death, Immolation and such during the decade of the release of this material, the vigor of Vader is in the competence of the band to work in utmost cooperation, all instruments being woven together masking the artwork and display of ideologies that Vader attempts to promulgate through "Litany". Structures drift through abstract quantities of aggression and intolerance as the guitar layers provide the essence of the pummeling music this album as drums caress each riff with unparalleled blast bleats and double bass frantic activity as Vader acrobat themselves through high speeds and chaotic poems of endurance. 
The quintessential idea about Vader is the friendliness of the guitar frenzy. Effortless tremolo commotion accompanied by the viscous palm mute picking create the relentlessness which Vader is famous for, although at counterpoints twists and turns incorporate the beautiful aesthetic brought throughout the years. Vader dominate rhythm sections of consummate texture and definitive conception of guitar models, probably even more well thought off in a subtle manner than James Hetfield or Dimebag Darrel could ever manage. The inclusion of some minor scale tapped solos is ultimately a distinction many who have no heard Vader before will notice, this aids in the expansion of the musical agenda a band like this.
What differentiates this material from previous artistry is the flawless tempo which assists the headbanging turmoil one experiences after exposure to the album. Whilst "Black To The Blind" contained an appreciation of the depth of structuring and percussive feel, "Litany" blows away with objective resilient structuring and furthermore employs the virtuous drumming of deceased member Doc.
"Litany" remains as a continuation of the rebellious nature of the destructive genre known as Death Metal, it stands as an invocation to the minds and ears of any individual who wishes to learn, this philosophically based material promotes the sedition of all Nietzsche influenced individuals within the genre, one does not need to delve into the lyrical content in the booklet to see that Vader are intelligent musicians with the intent of influencing the world, for "Litany", is truly a call to mankind.
This release is a crowning achievement in Death Metal! 100% punishing!!
The album was nominated for a Fryderyk Award in the category 'Hard & Heavy Album of the Year’.
The album charted at number 1 on Gazeta Wyborcza bestsellers list in Poland.
Metal Blade Records Inc./Fono Ltd., 2000/2001 (FO63CD). Made in Russia.

1. Wings 3:11 
2. The One Made Of Dreams 1:49 
3. Xeper 4:01 
4. Litany 3:01 
5. Cold Demons 3:11 
6. The Calling 3:10 
7. North 1:36 
8. Forwards To Die!!! 1:38 
9. A World Of Hurt 1:50 
10. The World Made Flesh 2:48 
11. The Final Massacre 4:32
Total playing time: 30:47


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