VA "Armageddon Over Wacken, Live 2003" /2CD/

The Metal festival in the north for 14 years an institution for Metalheads from around the world! And this sampler shows 26 bands of the spectacle, each with a live song on the two CDs. All there is with a fat booklet , massive images and for the price of a one CD!
In crisp, authentic live sound, where sometimes the singer or an instrumentalist is next to it, a festival is called once again to the brain! For the many Wacken pilgrims this CD is a worthwhile purchase, because many varieties of Metals (Power, Thrash, Death, Black, etc.) were considered here!
This two-CD chronicling 2003's action-packed Wacken Festival, featuring live tracks from: In Flames, Sonata Arctica, Callenish Circle, Sinner, Dew-Scented, Rotting Christ, Metalium, Sentenced, Malevolent Creation, Holy Moses, Kataklysm and tons more!
Buy or die!!
Crush Music, 2004 (CMU 61131). Made in USA. First press.


Disc 1
1. IN FLAMES - Clayman
2. SONATA ARTICA - 8th Commandment
3. GRAVEWORM - Abhorrence
4. SINNER - Rebel Yell
5. DEW-SCENTED - Cities of the Dead
6. ROTTING CHRIST - King of Stellar War
7. METALIUM - Pain Crawls in the Night
8. SENTENCED - Brief Is the Light
9. SEVENTH ONE - Hallowed Ground
11. DARK AGE - Know Me Strong
12. PRIMAL FEAR - Angel in Black

Disc 2
1. HOLY MOSES - Current Death
2. DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Heavy Metal Will Never Die
3. KATAKLYSM - Illuminatic
4. V8 WANKERS - This One Is For You
5. VICTORY - Are You Ready
6. SYMPHORCE - Slow Down
7. TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Axes & Honor
9. CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Watching in Silence
10. RAISE HELL - Wicked Is My Game

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