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Re-release of the debut full-length album by the Canadian Thrash Metal band.
A critically acclaimed, award-nominated debut full length from the Saskatchewan-based Metal battalion. A seamless fusing of old school Thrash and modern Speed/Death Metal.
A merger of late 80’s infused Thrash converging on the peripheries of Death Meal but certainly nothing of the usual muddle of the genres. Like deep cut through the brains, there is more than just a glimpse of the interesting collaboration of influences taking Megadeth, Exodus, Testament and Slayer along with the early Euro Thrash mastery of Destruction, Kreator inhaling thin fumes of Death. There are plenty of Thrash elements on this debut release that make for a decent listen for most Metal fans and especially Thrash Metal fans. This is not exactly retro-Thrash, but it does have a certain chaotic vibe to it that reminds of German 80's Thrash like Destruction, Kreator or Sodom.
Neatly produced, engineered and solo infested by Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth, ex-King Diamond), “City Of Steel” is a crafty paragon of a quality made Thrash Metal album!
Features stellar Ed Repka cover artwork and numerous guest leads by Glen Drover.
Punishment 18 Records, 2010/2013 (P18R 070). Made in Italy.

1. Virtue In Death 4:06
2. Hunting Evil 5:11
3. City Of Steel 5:29 
4. Unmaker 5:57
5. Forger Of Belief 3:11
6. Streets Of Vice 4:17
7. Bloodsoaked Mission 4:18
Total playing time: 32:29

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