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TSAR "Tsar" /CD/

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Used: very good.

The debut and only full-length album by Russian-American Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band, project of vocalist Arthur Berkut (ex- Autograph, Aria, etc.).
Arthur Mikheev graduated Moscow Gnessin Musical College as vocalist. In the early 1980s, he participated in the cover band Magic Twilight, led by Vitaliy Dubinin and Vladimir Holstinin, who later formed Aria. After a few years, he was invited to join Autograph, already a popular Rock band in Soviet Union, to replace its former vocalist. Since 1984, Arthur has performed under his stage name, "Berkut", which is Russian for golden eagle. Together with Autograph, Berkut toured over USA in 1989. However, in 1990, during the tour, Autograph was disbanded. Berkut remained in USA and tried himself in different projects. In 1997, Arthur returned to Russia. After returning, he involves Sergey Mavrin (Showtime, ex- Aria, ex- Kipelov) and two musicians from Siberian (US) band to create his new project called Tsar (TSAR = Tim, Sergey, Arthur, Rob).
Well-arranged and performed songs, good vocals with few highlighted songs like “To The River” with an AOR-ish sound, the catchy “I Feel Fire” and “No More Lies” with some sparks of Heavy Metal.
Highly recommended for fans of Scorpions and Melodic Metal in general!
Skycastle Records, 1995/2010. An exact bootlegged replica of original USA disc. Used: very good.

1. Loving You 
2. Loser 
3. Dancing On The Rain 
4. I Feel Fire 
5. Pull The Trigger 
6. To The River 
7. Slow Down 
8. No More Lies

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