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THE SEVENTH "Cursed Earth Wasteland" /CD/

  • THE SEVENTH "Cursed Earth Wasteland" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the Belgian Melodic Death Metal band.
Amazing new release from this Belgium outfit! After not very well first EP, "Cursed Earth Wasteland" is chocked with all sorts of goodies for us to sink out teeth into! Fast, melodic, and brutal! Haunting, Gruff vocal style, Crunch Distorted guitars-harmonizing, and off key, Military precise drumming. This release is full of groove laden insanity sure to bring the masses to the front of any stage.
They've definitely improved within the past few years and the first thing the production. This totally blows away the sound they had back then. Instead of self producing this album they went to Soundlodge Studio in Germany to record and it was a good decision. The Seventh are very competent musicians, especially Tony's drum playing which is really fast. With Gerhard and Brad on guitar and Gert on bass, these Belgian's play Melodic Death really well. Facial D's raspy vocal delivery is done well. The Seventh has brought the brutality of Death and Thrash Metal and merged it with the captivation and dark overtone of Black Metal!
The Seventh will lay to waste everything in the underground, conquering every stage they set foot on and captivate audiences the world around with effortless execution! Think of a nice blend of Arch Enemy and Vehemence and you'll get the idea!!
Shiver Records, 2007 (SHR 110). Made in Belgium. Pressed in Czech.

1. Shades Shall Lead (Intro) 
2. Structure 
3. Creator Of A Desert Land 
4. Cursed Earth Wasteland 
5. Dominion 
6. Mankind-Humane 
7. Newborn Breed 
8. Born In Winter 
9. Tessellation 
10. The Great Mortality 
11. Vigier

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