THE SCARR "Animalenemy" /Digisleeve CD/

Progressive metal act of Pete Johansen /a violinist known for his contributions to Tristania, The Sins Of Thy Beloved & Morgul/ from Norway. "Animalenemy" is a wild mixing of gothic-metal, industrial & darkwave, with three different vocals & completely unforgettable violin losses.
World Chaos Productions, 2002 (KDM009)

1.Holy Wars 03:39
2.Burning Already 04:10
3.Every Breath You Take 02:59
4.You're Not God 04:48
5.Dies 04:57
6.Fucked Up, Smashed and Glorious 03:52
7.Biblical Tongue 04:10
8.Stillborn 04:42
9.Lies 04:11
10.Animalenemy 04:34

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