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THE HOLE "A Monument To The End Of The World" /CD/

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    Band: THE HOLE
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The debut full-length album by Spanish Death/Thrash Metal band.
With an unapologetic high-energy attack, The Hole bring forth a tasty, total assault on your ears with "A Monument To The End Of The World". It's refreshing to see that there are still bands lying in the Underground who produce a testament of crushing Metal such as is heard on the aforementioned title. The punishing quartet from the Canary Islands are prepared to grab you face-first and thrust you into a submissive fit of headbanging!
The combination of Death, Thrash, and Melodic Black Metal creates an exciting variety of aggressive styles in those songs and is present throughout the whole of the album. You have pulsating percussive blastbeats, reliable riffs, scintillating solos, and a steady time signature that appealed to my analytic brain. The vocals, though definitely harsh, did not seem repetitive, nor a rip-off of the style of another band in the same category. Everything about this album said "raw, fresh power", leaving no crowd in the imagery of mind without the urge to open up the f****ng pit!
Though energetic, there is an obvious tone of haunting nature concurrent with the theme of this album as one could surmise from the title. Everything is done perfectly from the production to the album cover. This album definitely serves as a fantastic "Monument To The End Of The World"!
For fans of: Kreator, At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity!!
Necromance Records, 2014 (NECRO 004). Made in Spain. First press.

1. An Elegy for the End of Time (Intro) 01:43
2. Crushin' 04:17
3. Apocalyptic Collapse 03:44
4. Hellride 05:05
5. Warrior's Roar 03:14
6. Moonlight 03:42
7. Pro Patria Mori 03:56
8. The Third Seal 03:56
9. Dark of My Soul 04:45
10. Harsh Times 04:03
11. Misanthropic Wave 05:46
Total playing time: 44:11


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