THE GHOST EFFECT "The Ghost Effect" /CD/

Debut full-length album from Italian Goth/Wave band.
The main attraction of The Ghost Effect is certainly Laura's voice which is by times so similar to Siouxsie Sioux it becomes kind of creepy. Anyone who is gifted with a voice like hers, would expect her to do some Banshees-like stuff but even if the influences are there, this Italian band from Turin is more like a gothband that uses coldwave-guitars.
For fans of Skeletal Family, The Fields Of The Nephilim, Siouxsie, Gitane Demone and The Cure.
Breakdown Records, 2011 (BR04)

1.My Black Regrets
2.Korsakoff Syndrome
4.The Ghost Parade
5.THe Fall Of THe Man Of The Moment
6.The Dark Side
7.Say No
8.Friendly Fire
9.Notes For The End
10.Goodbye Tomorrow

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