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TÁLESIEN “Tálesien” /CD/

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    Band: TÁLESIEN
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The fourth full-length album by Spanish Progressive Power Metal band.
Talesien is a six-piece melodic Progressive/Symphonic Metal band from Galicia, and they have written a very passionately played they fourth longplay.
Musically, band more inspired by Progressive Metal synthesizer arrangements along with the Power Metal crooning, and complex yet rhythmic guitar parts, which lead all 11 cuts here, into uncharted territory. Plenty of Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Is Pain, Iron Maiden and Helloween influences can be found here. However, this sextet has forged its own sound, straying away from the melodic styles created by the bands mentioned above.
Furthermore, their musicianship is excellent, as they’re all very cohesive together, as the songwriting flows so well, kind of sweeps you off of your feet. What makes this band unique is the fact that they sing in their native language of Spanish, which could be a deal breaker here for some listeners into Metal, especially if you do not speak nor understand Spanish. However, if you’ve an open mind, Talesien take no prisoners on this almost one hour CD, as there are plenty of sweet vocal harmonies in unison with the guitar riffs and symphonic synth passages in places. Sure, if the vocals were sung in English it would’ve been nice, but being that they’re sung in Spanish, really sets these guys apart from rest of the Melodic and Progressive Metal bands in the world!
There is something very special about this band’s music; they sound so upbeat and hopeful, and it is this spirit, which does not leave your mind, as you keep hearing their memorable melodies in your head. Check it out, as Talesien is a very interesting Metal band from the beautiful country of Espana!!
Suspiria Records, 2016 (SPR020). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Noa 2:00
2. Lazarus 5:30
3. A-Legato 4:41
4. Sexta Extinción 6:23
5. Neftalí 6:14
6. Incomprensión 5:41
7. Alma Encadenada 6:24
8. Insomnio 5:53
9. Apátrida 5:02
10. Mártires 6:20
11. Sublime 3:59
Total playing time: 58:15 min.

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