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STONELAKE "World Entry" /CD/

  • STONELAKE "World Entry" /CD/

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Used: very good.

The second full-length album by the Swedish Melodic Heavy Metal band.
Formed by longtime members of the Swedish underground metal scene, Stonelake presents melodic Metal, which has a distinctly melancholy edge underneath its catchy, accessible surface.
All songs contain a good dose of synths; even on the faster-paced, aggressive numbers such as "Body Talk" and "Rest My Eyes on You". The band goes all 80's on "Magic Signs" in the vein of Dokken, but the staccato riffery and drumming belies the comparison towards the middle. There are also ballads on the album: "Words Are Not Enough" and "One Love One Heart" are both punctuated by cool guitar arpeggios, soaring vocals, and ever-present synth layering.
Stonelake's main duo comprises of Jan Akesson and Peter Grundstrom. They've known each other for many years, and this is obvious while listening to the album, since there's profound chemistry between them two. This Swedish band has already released one album in prior, "Reincarnation".
Enlisting the services of Jaime Salazar on drums, "World Entry" sees the quartet flirting on-the-edge with melodic Hard Rock the Scandinavian way. Pompous keyboards, high-pitched vocals from Grundstrom and furious guitar themes by Akesson leave the band on top of trying to perform something more than just Hard 'n' Heavy music. As if TNT, Journey, heavy Boston, 80's Deep Purple and Jacob's Dream would jam on a beautiful spring day. The album features various tempos and, of course, includes a very good ballad called "Words Are Not Enough". On the other hand, tracks like "Magic Signs" will nail you down at first hearing. The solo work provided by Akesson is quite notable, while Grundstrom uses his voice with much of experience; exchanging fury and passion anyway he wants it. To hell and back again: the use of 'personality' keys in this album gradually rises to be the strong ace of "World Entry". Some will surely see enough of a Dream Theater influence in the keys' arrangement, and there seems to be a very good reason for this.
"World Entry" is not a typical album, genre-free. It bears the unique charisma of, gradually, winning over your ears. Stonelake seems to be a rather hard working band in terms of composing/recording. And the question is: do you want to get away with this fact? Even Euro Power Metal fans will like this album!
Metal Heaven/Mystic Empire/Mazzar Records, 2007 (MYST CD 294). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Deal With The Devil     4:56 
2. Body Talk     4:17 
3. Words Are Not Enough     4:57 
4. City Of Illusion     4:45 
5. Rest My Eyes On You     4:17 
6. Magic Signs     4:47 
7. Before I Go     4:42 
8. Cold Blood     3:55 
Bonus Track:
9. One Love One Heart     4:12
Total playing time: 40:48

Samples:  http://www.last.fn

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