SORROWFUL “In The Rainfall” /Pit-Art CD/

The debut full-length album by Swedish Death/Doom Metal band.
Debut album of this young band presents music influenced by old school Doom Metal from Candlemass to early My Dying Bride and Anathema albums.
After release of several tracks at the split album, the musicians carefully crafted the concept of the first full-length work. Moving away from literal copying the classics of the genre, "In The Rainfall" is an example of old school Doom/Death Metal with a modern sound and presentation.
Death Metal is more dominant between these two genres, but the bright accents of Doom do not allow us to forget that this is miserable music, at various points – the title, lyrics, mood, perhaps the nostalgia, because the band was formed in Mexico, but now they reside in Sweden. Also the music maintains composure, the sound of an older Death Metal that is reserved in mainly Latin American countries, is of quite high quality.
A heavy, guitar-based, uncompromising album for fans of primordial Doom Death Metal!
Solitude Productions, 2015 (SP. 105-15). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. The Last Journey 05:43
2. Nothingness 04:58
3. Gray People 04:54
4. Oceans of Darkness 05:03
5. Utopian Existence 04:18
6. Frozen Sun 05:10
7. The Machine of Desolation 05:12
8. The Flight of Mind 04:47
9. Eager of Death 04:12
Total playing time: 44:17


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