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SOIJL “Endless Elysian Fields” /CD/

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    Band: SOIJL
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The debut full-length album by Swedish Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band.
Soijl is a special project established by Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mattias Svensson (Saturnus, Istapp, Vanmakt, Nidrike) many years ago. However, only in late 2014 the band started recording the official 3-song demo. The songs received positive response among fans of Doom music and the band continued to work with enthusiasm over the other tracks.
"Endless Elysian Fields" contains seven songs lasting for a total of about an hour and stylistically tending to Atmospheric Doom Death Metal. According to the band members, these are "7 tracks full of total despair and fear", as the lyrics of the album tell mostly about people with suicidal tendencies and what is going on in their heads.
In terms of Doom Metal this is huge praise for this fairly new band, this album contains everything a Doom album should have: aggression, sweeping melodies, obscurity and passion. Every song showcases this to the absolute best of their ability.
One of the best examples of this work is the track “Swan Song”; this aggressive yet majestic track seems very pertinent for the animal in the title since we all know swans are graceful yet vicious. This song contains sombre guitar riffs, mesmerising choirs and a dominant growl that does more than show us who is in control. Another great example is the concluding track “The Shattering”; it again demonstrates the elegant yet destructive music; it’s beautiful and majestic yet hard hitting.
SOIJL are further proof that aggressive and elegant can be used to describe something incredibly spectacular. A spellbinding masterpiece from an ingenious band that every Metalhead should listen to!!
The disc comes with a luxurious 20-page booklet.
Solitude Productions, 2015 (SP. 109-15). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. Endless Elysian Fields 07:43
2. Dying Kinship 08:05
3. Swan Song 07:28
4. The Formation of a Black Nightsky 07:21
5. Drifter, Trickster 08:14
6. The Cosmic Cold 09:16
7. The Shattering 09:14
Total playing time: 57:21


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