REGICIDE DECEASE / CALCINED "Death Illumination - In Memory Of Evil Chuck" /Split Pit-Art CD/

Old School Death Metal from Poland and Brutal Death Metal from Swiss.
Split-CD in memory of Chuck Schuldiner, released at his 45 Anniversary.
Pure speed, aggression, fast drumming, nasty growls and sick guitar solos. These 2 bands will take you straight down to hell! CD comes with nice pit-art.
Very great sounding split and it's recommend to all fans of Death Metal!!
Metal Scrap Records, 2012 (MSR040/CD). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1.Regicide Decease - Aethyr of Desecration 04:03
2.Regicide Decease - Revelation of Dark Gnosis 04:43 
3.Regicide Decease - Black Sun Psalm 05:12
4.Regicide Decease - Born Dead (DEATH cover) 03:25 
5.Calcined - Stripped by Life 02:53 
6.Calcined - The Call 04:30
7.Calcined - For the Beyond 03:17
8.Calcined - Evil Dead (DEATH cover) 02:55 
Total playing time: 31:03 min.


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