PUTRIFIED J “The Last Harvest” /CD/

Second full-length album by Belgian/American Brutal Death Metal band.
Band comes right from a worldwide scene of Brutal Death Metal to offer their first official album “The Last Harvest” to that brutal world. Insane slams and insane guitar riffs are the master words of this album with tons of good collaborations. Spreading the disease between the continents, no one can’t stop this plague who keeps growing.
For fans of: Kraanium, Abominable Putridity and Cranial Osteotomy!!
CD includes OBI.
Ghastly Music, 2012 (GM002/2012). Made in Japan.

1. Introduction     00:38 
2. The Anthem     02:32 
3. Suffer     02:49 
4. The Beast     01:39 
5. Soul Vomit     01:25 
6. The Last Harvest     00:56 
7. Contagium     01:46 
8. Slaughterhouse     02:05 
9. 616     01:54 
10. Johnny Bloodbath     01:35 
11. Outroduction     01:06 
Bonus tracks:
12. Repulsive Dissection     01:19 
13. Manifesting Abomination     02:19 
14. Necrophilic Human Flesh     00:58
Total playing time: 23:01

Samples:  http://ghastlymusick.bandcamp.com

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